Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here and There...

Here are a few pictures to catch up life over the past few weeks...Next two posts will include our trip to Cincinnati and Easter! These first two pics are of Ford and Ella Tate's lunch playdate. They had so much fun eating lunch on the deck under the Mickey Mouse umbrella and then playing in the yard:)

Brady LOVES swinging...I foresee lots of swinging time this summer
Celebrating Yordy getting married!

Date night with Sam and David at Nachos

Celebrating Rachel's baby, Jolie, soon to arrive

Ford's favorite pastime...the iPad!

Playdate with Riley at Shipwreck Island...Ford loves pirates right now!

Brady and his pirate eye patch...this one cracks me up!

Ford and Riley having a chat...this was the cutest thing!

Girl time at Laura's house:)

More swinging

Peanut loving:) By the way, do you love Ford's new smile or what?!?!

Happy Birthday to Nan Nan! We love you:)

Getting ready for his first haircut. Check out the long hairs in the front!

I gave him a trim in the front but it still counts! Here is the after pic...much better!

Last but not least, playdate at the Alsup house. Only got one pic because Ford busted his lip while playing in the bouncy house with Ella Tate. We think they bumped heads, but it was pretty nasty boo boo!! This is all for now, but will post more soon!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Celebrations...

I apologize for the long picture post, but I can't choose which ones to post! So I chose alot:) These are more of Brady's birthday celebrations. My parents had our family over the day after his birthday which was three Sunday's ago. Then 3 weekends ago we had a family and friends party. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us! Brady loves you all and so do we!Yum yum!Standing on his own!!!

BIG PARTY PICS...Friends and family that came to celebrate...we love you all!Noni and PapaNan, B, and MKAunt Gayle and Uncle Gene...Brady is fascinated with his beard:)


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brady's 1 year birthday!

So I am officaially a terrible blogger:( I have a goal to improve! But the exciting news for today that has caused me to jump back on blogging is that Brady's 1st birthday was this weekend!! I cannot believe it has been a year since our Brady was born. What a blessing this little boys has been to us all. We are so thankful for him, and Ford loves having a little brother! Here are a few pictures looking back on a year ago and some from our celebrations!
First picture in the OR when he was born! Looked just like Ford did when he was born!So proud to have another precious baby boy:)The amazing and extremely talented Katie Mosley pictures we had taken in our home(the above family pic and the two below are hers!)Our first family picture of the four of us!
NOW...Found the boys outside playing like this...makes me smile:)My tradition for the boys...mickey was the pick this yearOpening all the giftsPictures with the grandparents who we could not make it through life without!

Brady loved the cake!!!